Concept Plus was responsible for project and technical management and the integration of the 3M products within the VISN 6 VistA host environments.  VAPM is a comprehensive solution designed to automate claims processing and payment.  It is a robust and configurable system built on field proven commercial 3M software products and dedicated interfaces configured to meet industry and VA requirements. It is capable of being tailored to meet varying requirements without core software modification.  All required systems claims processing functions are provided by configuration of operator views, database elements, and interactive logic to support operational requirements. The VAPM System was developed using Microsoft .NET framework, Microsoft SQL Server, 3d Party User Controls and a Pricing Web service built around a Java based 3M Grouper Plus System.

An AGILE SCRUM development process was used allowing for iterative release cycles.  Throughout these cycles requirements and product expectations were consistently evaluated and tested during customer review sessions.  CP’s constant interaction and short iterative release cycles eliminated the potential for project risks and uncertainty by allowing for a more user engaged methodology.